• ¥20元 Have you used PLC yaskawa

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    Have you used PLC yaskawa ?

    Have you used PLC yaskawa ?

    技能: Arduino, 电機工程, 电子, PLC 与 SCADA, 软件构架

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  • ¥7000元 Arduino Web amp Serial Port Integration Project

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    1. Sense Button 1: A0- low. / Button 2: A2- low.

    2. Make Request as per Button Press to url. (Web Request) as configured.

    3. Receive data from server

    4. Write data received form server to Serial Port


    1. Create Web Page with Secure Login/ Pwd to access configuration page.

    5. Configuration Page:

    a. Set http Request url. As per Button

    b. Printer Properties. (speed)

    Require turnkey project code & successful testing.

    Time Line 3~5 days.

    技能: Arduino, 电子, 微控制器, 软件构架

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  • ¥20元 Camera visual evaluation based on a reference test chart

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    We are a small company specialising in CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

    We produce high quality test charts for evaluating CCTV camera basic parameters.

    The test chart is produced by colour calibrated process, so the A3 format printed chart has very accurate details and colours.

    So far, users of out test charts have been doing manual visual analysis when comparing cameras or making their decision which camera and lens, which compression produces better results.

    Based on the image produced and exported by a tested IP CCTV camera we want to be able to determine a few key parameters using software, rather than leaving that to the user for visual judgment.

    We want talented visual processing programers to tell us if and how they can evaluate the following parameters:

    1. Resolution, using the five Siemens stars on the test chart. The resolution needs to be expressed in LP/PH (Line Pairs per Picture Height). We will provide the formula for that, once we know how the programmers think this need to be done. The resolution to be plotted on a graph, as MTF versus LP/PH on the horizontal axis.

    2. Colour reproduction, based on the standard TV colour bars at the top off the chart, with their pure RGB co-ordinates, but also based on the Macbeth colour chart printed in the test chart itself. The colour deviation to be shown as a Delta E on a graph.

    3. Compression and/or sampling artefacts via the checking of the smoothness of the curves both in the continuous colour transition bar, as well as the continuous transition Black-White-Black B/W bar at the bottom part of the test chart. This also needs to be shown as a plot.

    4. Determine the Gamma of the camera by checking the Grey level of the reproduced 11 steps of grey and reading the average grey level of each patch (average because there will be pixels which are higher values than other pixels in in the same patch). This needs to be shown as a plot too, showing B-W versus Grey percentage on the horizontal axis.

    5. Determine the Noise level in the image by analysing the 50% grey level patch in more details, i.e. using the variation of the grey pixels and calculating the deviation of the various levels. S/N should also be produced from it, by reading the lowest and highest luminance level throughout the test chart. I can provide a formula for that too.

    Images for analysis will typically be provided in HD (1920x1080) or UHD (3840x12160), by the customer, who would export such an image from their camera looking at the actual test chart.

    The original, uncompressed TIF image of the test chart will be provided to be used as a reference and comparison with the image of the camera under test.

    We know that most of these analysis can be done in MatLab, and we prefer programmers to produce the analysis software in this format. We are currently running that latest version R2018B on our computers, and we can verify and/or comment the program when in draft stage.

    Ultimately, we would like to produce a Windows "exe" program from such program which we may offer to the customers buying the test chart as a part of the chart itself, or, alternatively, we would like to produce a web-based camera image analysis, where the users would upload their camera image for comparison and producing plotted measurements.

    Please refer to the two uploaded images with hand-written explanation on the required points.

    Also, when offering your work, I would appreciate if you describe how do you intend to make this happen.

    Any questions, very happy to respond to the serious bidders.

    The main thing i would attribute to the programmer would certainly be Matlab and a subset (App) within Matlab called Computer Image Processing. So a perso. Must know a little bit about image processing, video analytics and pixels

    I believe the Matlab can produce a C program from it, or an “exe” once it works the way it is supposed to

    By the Packaging function

    技能: 算法, C 编程, C++编程, 电子, 矩阵及数学软件

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  • ¥500元 Expert in arduino and raspberry pi

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    Create a counter with web interface where you can register the product that will be county.

    The result of the meter and the type of product registered in the user interface must be recorded in a mysql database every 5 minutes.

    See attached file for more detail

    Thank you

    技能: Arduino, C 编程, 电子, 微控制器, 树莓派

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  • ¥750000元 RF Board development

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    Reply only if you have the expertise to SAVE YOUR TIME & MINE

    We are developing a Radio in C Band which should able to communicate or transfer data between the two radios. Radios shall be comprised of Indoor Unit (IDU), Outdoor Unit (ODU), Antenna System (Comrod/Cobham) , Mast (Comrod). Please feel free to tell me if you can handle it or your expertise was in RF Chip development which is alltogether different.

    Develop a HW board with the following specs

    Operating Frequency : Band - C band IV band - 4400 to 5000MHz

    Bandwidth - 160, 80, 40 and 20MHz. Selectable

    Peak Tx Power output(P1dB) : 36dBm

    Modes : TDD/FDD. Both are desirable though we can discuss the challenges, if any.

    Number of Channels : 2

    Max RF input = -15dBm

    RF sensitivity = -110dBm

    Adjecent Channel Rejection : up-to 90dB

    Noise Figure - around 1dB

    I/O impedance: 50ohm

    Operating Temperature: upto 55 degrees

    Duty cycle more than 50%

    技能: 电機工程, 电子

  • ¥5元 Technical Sales Consultant 5

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    We are looking for Technical Sales Consultants to help promote our services and drive growth of our Company's products and services. The role is expected to define and execute strategy around our product portfolio, and effectively find the proper business opportunities for our Company.

    Main responsibilities include: proactively identify potential use cases, and technologies; business modelling and forecasting (including market sizing and pricing); tracking competitors’ strategy and market plans, providing timely competitive analysis for strategic planning; and life-cycle management activities, including tracking sales performance, pricing management and recommendations to achieve business goals.

    We are looking for Philippine-based freelance consultants to work remotely. Please include your preferred commission structure in your application/proposal.


    3 to 5 years experience in Sales

    Electronics or mechanical background essential; Engineering degree highly valued; experience in PCB industry is an advantage.

    Application Questions

    1. Why do you think you're a good fit for this job?

    2. Tell us about a sales campaign you worked on, and how you made it succeed.

    3. If I contract you for this project, what will you do on the first day?

    技能: 电機工程, 电子, 生产, 销售

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  • ¥135元 design a firmware for a n arduino based drone for GPS functionality

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    I am looking for someone who can implement a GPS functionality for autonomous flight on an Arduino based drone.

    Expected functionality:

    when switched to a certain flight mode, the drone must take off and fly to the given coordinates and land onto that.

    These coordinates will be programmed into the flight controller's(Arduino Uno) code. so when a certain switch is flipped on the transmitter. the drone takes off and flies to that given coordinate and land onto that.

    Basic flight controller firmware is already available and the above-mentioned function needs to be built upon this basic code.

    Please only bid for this project, if you have done something like this before. i.e. programmed a drone with GPS etc.

    技能: Arduino, C 编程, 电機工程, 电子, 微控制器

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  • ¥20元 3D printed glasses

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    I'm seeking interest from industrial designers to develop the design and 3d modeling for 3 prototypes of frames for glasses (prescription, sunglasses and sport/performance), prepared to be 3d printed. Familiarity with the design restrictions for SLS additive manufacturing is mandatory. The design must be original but it's not for manufacturing or selling, it's just for prototypes and MVP. It will be requested to sign a NDA.

    技能: 3D建模, 3D打印, CAD/CAM, 制造设计, 产品设计

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  • ¥38元 I would like to hire a Mechanical Engineer

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    Hello, my company is creating an "entertainment box" we have rough cad design already but are looking for a strong modification that includes ports and buttons on the 3d ready design. We are also looking for a BOM to be provided.

    技能: AutoCAD, CAD/CAM, 电機工程, 电子, 机械工程

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  • ¥1125元 Miner development for FPGA in VerilogVHDL 2

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    Development of a Fpga-miner and the Host mining App. The communication between FPGA and Host App is USB. Details we can discuss in private chat

    技能: 电子, FPGA, 微控制器, Verilog / VHDL

  • ¥140元 New Product Design and 3D Printing

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    Hello, I have an idea for a product and need help designing it. Need a 3D image and a 3D printing if possible It will be a plastic part/piece that will fit over the end of a piece of wood. I will explain more and send pictures. Thanks

    技能: 3D动画, 3D建模, 3D 渲染, 产品设计, Solidworks

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  • ¥56250元 Design and Develop a Steering Robot for Electronic Stability Systems for Automob

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    [login to view URL]

    Please have a look at these robots and the application for Automotive Testing. I'd like this exact robot.

    技能: 电子, 工程, 机械工程, 机器人技术

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  • ¥140元 Long range SDR system design

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    For a geological research: a long range SDR system is needed for data exchange between microcontrollers or arduinos. The range of the communication system is 20 km at least.

    技能: Arduino, 电機工程, 电子, 微控制器, 印制板布局

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  • ¥140元 nrf52832 custom firmware

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    nrf52832 custom firmware to manage a comparator and transistors

    技能: 低功耗蓝牙(BLE), C 编程, 电機工程, 电子, 微控制器

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  • ¥25000元 use external micro controller with Arduino

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    We want to use a micro-controller with Arduino, please contact for details

    技能: Arduino, C 编程, 电機工程, 电子, 微控制器

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