• ¥140元 Marketplace Directory Website Some HTML and Functionality On Our Server

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    Building a great website similar to these 2 websites:

    [login to view URL]

    [login to view URL]

    I have psds for the main screens.

    Start the project with html and some functionality so we can keep the client.

    One thing we want is the Google Places API - some way for sellers to have a verification process automatically with Google places. If you could explain how this will work in your proposal that would be great.

    Work on our server only.

    Changes from original psd files provided might be necessary and are part of your work.

    You are responsible for creating and uploading backups daily on our server.

    Designs, screens, pages, admin, all must be compatible with all modern mobile devices.

    Our responses to you will be slow and delayed, you accept this in bidding.

    Some design work, we will not provide every page, just a few main ones.

    Unlimited changes until we accept the work.

    Do you have a specific PHP script you would like to use? If so, explain why you prefer it. This suggests that you are ready for the project and have done your thinking and research.

    Your bidding on some html and functionality to show client a good coding start on our server.

    技能: MySQL, Photoshop 设计, PHP, 编程, PSD转化为HTML

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  • ¥20元 AB Split Testing Conversion Optimization Specialist Needed Longterm position

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    You’re a master at A/B testing and landing page conversion rate optimization ? 

    You over communicate and give your clients confidence as you’re able to make progress towards the goals you’ve set together ?

    You know exactly what to do to improve a website conversion rate just minutes after looking at one ?

We are looking for an experienced person that has done lots of A/B split testing and coming up with new ideas of various ways to optimize the website conversions of a web page/website.


This is for a long-term position, but the person needs to have a lot of experience when it comes to coming up with various ways to improve the conversions of a web page.


Please list any and all previous experience as it relates to split testing and website conversion optimization.

    Minimum Qualifications


    Strong analytical and planning skills;

    Good communication and presentation skills;

    Excellent problem-solving skills;

    You’re personable, fun, and have a great sense of humor.

    You have big personal and professional goals.

    You have experience with Conversion rate optimization.

    You know the importance of optimizing a landing pages.

    You’re like a mad scientist when it comes to experimenting.


    Write “I’m a Rockstar at Conversion Rate optimization” in the Subject Line

    Please answer the following questions:

    1. Why do you want this job?

    2. What are you working on in your skills right now?

    3. Attach your CV and portfolio

    Failing to answer the questions above will make your application incomplete and will not be processed.

    技能: 转换率优化, 谷歌分析, 谷歌网站优化, 网络市场, 网站测试

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  • ¥140元 Web Spider 2

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    Creation of a spider to download specific words and phrases from a specific website. Every project/website will be evaluated separately.

    I would like to receive an excel list of all entries in the same format of a file I will provide.

    We can evaluate every project and decide the price for each one.

    技能: 编程, 网页搜罗

  • ¥20元 C Selenium JAVA NET

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    -Started learning C# and tried making my own [login to view URL] stuck and now i need someone who can explain everything i did wrong/[login to view URL] for the program I'm trying to make Is needed knowledge of JAVA too.

    -You need to have Skype or Discord so we can communicate faster and easier.

    -Also looking for a long term partnership.


    技能: .NET, C# 编程, 编程, Selenium Webdriver, Visual Basic

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  • ¥200元 网页设计

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    1、 所设计的作品为原创,为第一次发布。未侵犯他人的著作权。如有侵犯他人著作权,由设计者承担所有法律责任。
    2、 中标的设计作品,我方支付设计制作费。即拥有该作品的知识产权,包括著作权、使用权和发布权等,并有权对设计作品进行修改、组合和应用,设计者不得再向其他任何地方使用该设计作品。

    附件:http://disk.680.com/FfMvmu http://disk.680.com/u6neYb
  • ¥500元 Kaldi ASR development

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    Need additional features added to the existing Kaldi Aspire model.

    技能: C++编程, 编程

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  • ¥1050元 Amibroker AFL project

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    I have an strategy which is to be created in Amibroker AFL, on the website as well as on app.

    The strategy needs to be executed on Amibroker AFL and the results are to be displayed on Amibroker, website and app

    技能: 财务市场, Mobile App Development, 编程, Web Development

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  • ¥500元 Omnet++ Simulation Project

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    Looking for someone who is experienced with Omnet++ and can design a simulation network in Omnet++ from scratch. Creating new modules are needed.

    技能: C++编程, Computer Science, 编程, 软件构架

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  • ¥7500元 开发一套订单管理系统后端前端(有参考案例)语言php

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  • ¥75元 网站编程 一个页面修改

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  • ¥500元 A Food Outlet Enterprise Management System

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    I need a dedicated, excellence driven, skilled programmer to build me a food outlet enterprise management system that would monitor operations of these outlets from anywhere in the world. Detail will come more when I speak with you

    技能: node.js, PHP, 编程

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  • ¥500元 WebErp and Unleashed Integration

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    We need an interface that communicates Weberp and Unleashed through their respective APIs.

    Weberp is installed on our hosting provider's server which uses Cpanel and FTP, and we have access to the source code. All the helper files you make would be hosted there, and scheduled scripts should be run using Cron. Weberp's API uses the phpxmlrpc class from Useful Inc.

    Unleashed, on the other hand, is provided as a cloud service. The calls to its API are limited, so the scripts must be efficient.

    The interface must be called each time a change in the inventory is made on one software, to update the inventory in the other software, as well as once each day to correct possible mismatches.

    Please make your offer telling us which languages each API uses, and your experience both with those languages and with software integrations in general.

    技能: PHP, 编程, Python, 软件构架

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  • ¥500元 BTCP (bitcoin private) Lightweight Desktop Wallet

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    This project is for a Lightweight Windows based BTCP desktop wallet. A wallet that does not require downloading the entire blockchain. Now, I am a little unfamiliar how this works but I believe there has to be some sort of server component or remote nodes the wallets connect to to sync the blockchain for them. This project includes the desgn and building of the wallet itself in addition to the server or node components I need to run for the wallets to connect to. An explanation of what needs to happen on both parts would be most appreciated so i have clarification as to how it all works together.

    Please check out the available wallets and the features they possess to get a feel for what I am after.

    [login to view URL]

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    And now I will list the features i would like for the wallet:

    1. This wallet needs to be built from scratch if possible. I would like to use as little 3rd party software as possible to prevent things like the below from happening.

    (link example)[login to view URL]

    [login to view URL] is of the utmost importance

    3. Under no circumstance should information regarding the wallet users private keys, addresses or transactions be available to view by ANYBODY. All that information needs to stay on the wallet. I will be having the source code independently reviewed by another party to ensure these items are adhered to.

    4. The interface must be fully designed by you and it must be a full featured wallet.

    5. I would like the command line interface available to the user as well to do some troubleshooting in the event that it is needed. (items such as re-scanning and re-synching a wallet with the blockchain etc... same items that are available in a BTC core wallet)

    6. Wallet must support both Transparent addresses (b) and Shielded address (z)

    7. Wallet must contain transaction history and be able to list all private keys for each corresponding public key as well as amounts for each if any.

    Wallet must also utilize an 18 word seed instead of a 12 word seed that corresponds to the wallet keys.

    8. By checking out some of the other wallets you will get a feel for what I am after.

    9. Wallet interface must be shiny and clean and very easy to navigate. I want it to look polished by work perfectly under the hood.

    10. If chosen to develop I will request frequent software updates from your team as necessary based on feedback given by the community.

    11. Also, if you can, based on the remote nodes or server component required for syncing all the wallets, what sort of hardware am i looking at using vs. how many potential wallets that may be in use. Not sure how resource intensive it may be. Just trying to figure out what sort of server hardware I may need in addition to how many machines.

    12. I would also prefer developers who have an understanding and familiarity with block chain technologies.

    Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for reading!

    As a side note, I have another project for a BTCP lightweight mobile wallet that utilizes shielded (z)addresses. If you are hired for this job and I like the wallet I will hire you for this next project!

    技能: Bitcoin, Blockchain, C++编程, 编程, 用户界面设计

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  • ¥135元 Codility programming challenge

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    Anyone interested in clearing codility test?

    技能: C# 编程, C++编程, 编程

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  • ¥20元 Create REST API on Hosting and Create VBScript to send Information from Windows

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    client wants to send a message (JSON?) containing "name" (string), "date" (current system date) and "time" (current system time) from Windows OS using a vbscript (with [login to view URL]).

    On webpage the message should be saved to MYSQL Database.


    - Implement REST API (secure) on server to save data to database

    - Create batchfile for Windows (with predefined Variable "name") that gets date, time from windowsserver and sends it to the above REST API

    Help (must not be used):

    - Batch script for time and Date: [login to view URL]

    - Sample to post restful API with VBscript: [login to view URL]

    技能: MySQL, PHP, 编程

    查看更多: send fax windows api, create rest api using, create rest api, magento create rest api, zimbra rest api create account, magento rest api create customer, create yammer app using rest api json, create simple wordpress plugin rest api, net sample rest api windows desktop application, codeigniter create rest api, create rest api php mysql, call rest api from command line windows, tfs rest api create work item, jira rest api create issue, create rest api for mysql database